Did you ever read or hear that poem called America. It’s by Allen Ginsburg. Not sure of the spelling there and I’m on my phone, unable to sleep, so please forgive me. Notable words I can recall “America, I can’t stand my own mind" and “America, why are your libraries full of tears" That’s tears, not tears.

I love words. I make a terrible reader but I love words. I like writing them. Maybe it massages the soul. Maybe it lets one breath, to feel like they have space to express themselves. Of course in cases like this it’s a monologue, but I live in hope that i don’t come across as narcissistic or anything like that.

A friend of mine told me today it’s quite rare that people become emotional through music. I don’t know how rare he meant, though he assured me that he’d read up on it. Seems strange to me. Perhaps it explains why some people you can show a piece of writing to and they get it completely, whereas others look at you, they humour you, but they don’t.

I feel spaced out.



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Dutch Steak

A coder, a rambler...and now wondering if maybe design and actual art, very different, should form my future...