I need to break away from the coding, entirely and just for now. I had this website which I was hoping at the time would be enough to launch my freelancing career. Probably because I didn’t know what else could be done with a somewhat lacking portfolio and actually I wasn’t sure what else might do me some good in terms of being found and people actually wanting some help with their websites, web apps, iOS apps and possibly Android apps.

For the last couple of days I’ve split my time up, though, and actually converted my website into one driven by WordPress. It’s still my website, but now it has a blog. I’ve been playing with it. I’d share it but I don’t want anything to identify me here because here is where I write things that aren’t for the potential employer to read. I tend to get embarrassed. I am embarrassed to be myself. Why? Because I’ve seen so much judgement growing up and out on the street that I’m scared. I think I’ve ventured into a paragraph I should stop writing. It’s pointless, really. Some people say “I’ve gone far too deep for this time in the morning” but I think some level of “deep” is who I am and I can’t change that regardless of the time of day.

I’ve been watching Sex Education on Netflix. It’s a little obscene for some but I enjoy it. It had a Dylan song on it I wasn’t enormously familiar with but I’m going to share it here.

I love his voice. It feels like stretching to me. Like air. I’ve just been listening to him for too long.

The blog, though, is going to be for technical blogs. The stuff I’ve been writing on here has been terrible. I was really falling on the floor as I tried to write, and actually the writing I was doing I was doing to keep myself going so it had its purpose, but I think, only for me, really. And I must get back to that project with the guitar chords! I really want to put that on my website. Maybe I can shift the blogs over to it and maybe retro-actively write them as if I were doing the project and hopefully improve them a bit. Failing that I’ll still be blogging as I learn and do new things. You see, it’s supposed to improve SEO if you blog a little bit. I think I’ll find it useful too as I like to look back and recall what I did to make something happen although…getting the site into git, given that it has a database in it is going to be a something new to learn. Maybe I should just backup the entire site, database and all and shove it onto github? I don’t know. I’ll deploy it before I get that far and then maybe have a backup of every blog I’ve ever written? At least until I’m a success.

I’ve been unemployed for a while now. I don’t know how I’m still in this house. Help from my wonderful mother and the DWP I guess. I may have got some business making a site for a builder and I still have an app to work on. I’ll try and have a break tomorrow, though, besides maybe deploying the site. So if you want to know who I am, send over your details. I’m no genius but the technical stuff is being moved. And since it’ll be on my private and identifiable website, there will be more pride put into my writing, I swear.

It’s almost one. Check you later!



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