I think I just want to organise my thoughts here. So I thought I’d write them down.

The family came to visit and it was really very nice. We discuss the future. They of moving to Cornwall and me of not knowing what I’m doing.

I am unemployed. Hoping I can get enough to get by each month. It seems to be all about networking. This coming week I have an interview and I should also be told that I didn’t get a contract for which I interviewed last week. I’ve also applied for a contract. I didn’t hear anything, not yet, but the recruiter involved looked at my LinkedIn profile which is a step. It’s something. That wasn’t until mid afternoon last week so there’s still time. 350 a day as well! I hope they don’t want a kidney for the work.

I do have a guy to email as well. I’m just not sure I should. I worked with him for a short time and he was something of a micro-manager. Considering I gave up after a day because I didn’t know enough about what the page should look like and I was only just getting to know what was going on, it couldn’t have worked out. Maybe that’s enough not to ask again. I do need something though.

I did lose half a stone. The talk of statins which I think I’ll find myself on is a concern. Particularly as I’m still smoking, but I have lost weight and that’s something I thought would be more difficult than it actually is. I quite like getting thinner. After so many years overweight and not really knowing what I’m doing it is a lovely thing to happen. Tonight won’t help me; bacon sandwiches. I’ve never cooked a bacon joint before, not on my own in my own place, but it’s disgusting. It’s a disgrace. But I’d never have killed it myself. Easy food. I slept for most of today. I think it was a combination of being up late with adrenaline and also being peopled out with the visitors who came. I wish for sleep tonight though. I’ve a feeling I’ll start to wake up just when I’m supposed to sleep. Because that’s what happens.

As far as my React course goes, I’m getting there. I have really struggled today and I woke up about half five and I still feel horrible. So I can’t do it. Nor play guitar — something I’d told my therapist I’d try to do fifteen minutes of every day. Still, a lot of things take adjustment.

The plan. Maybe tonight, if I can’t sleep, I’ll go looking for work…



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Dutch Steak

Dutch Steak


A coder, a rambler...and now wondering if maybe design and actual art, very different, should form my future...