I just walked past a shed. Well it’s a very well made shed, and more of a small building. Usually when one says that, they’re not inspired, but if you look carefully at just the right angle, you can see that there’s light in there through the door. The blinds black everything out, but I can see there’s someone in there, and it’s my neighbour. That shed is an art studio. The man’s a painter! He’s also a musician and has a vast number of guitars in his house. I only know this as I went to see him about access to a bit of his land on behalf of my landlady once. But the light through the door? Inspiration.

I’ve slept all day. I couldn’t help it as I’d not slept all night. It happens, although I am beginning to think that being stressed out is actually making me ill. I’m alright, generally, though. Or at least I feel better now. I feel inspired.

I’ve just practised my guitar for a little bit. It’s a rare thing but it would explain why I consider myself bad at it. I am infuriated with myself. One hour a day. That’s all it takes. Maybe I just need to introduce structure to my day, the kind most people have from a day job.

Talking of which, what is Uncouth doing? Not a lot. Uncouth needs another ad in Gumtree as the last one was appalling. I did learn something though. Initially I advertised as someone able to make iOS apps, but two people went off buying one because I have nothing in the store. So I need to rectify that. I have two of them in mind. One is the radio station app I’ve been going on about. All it does is play a radio station, but it needs an icon. It’s also going to have a loading screen that screams “Developed at Uncouth Studios”. That’s got to be good publicity, right? What else needs doing? I’ve put ads in place because I’m hoping that both I and the people running the radio station can make at least a tiny bit of money from it, and then there’s charging for the app. So! What I need to do is figure out a way in code to determine if the user has purchased this app. Cost? Two quid? I’ll discuss that with them.

The other idea is just stealing from a paid app I have really. Something I find very useful is an app that will time your chord change practice. It’s as simple as that but it also logs where you’re up to, as in, how fast you can change each chord. To do this I probably will use Firebase. I didn’t want to use it for potential client work because if Firebase fall over it falls on me, but if I do it for personal projects I think that’s acceptable as long as I never have to pay for it.

React was coming along. I feel reasonably confident about my learning in that technology. NodeJS for personal web APIs is on the way.

Two other things of interest. A woman called Maxine has been in touch with me about a company based in Cornwall. They’re having a hard time finding candidates so she thought she’d message me. Initially I told her that it would have to be remote because Cornwall would be quite a move. But then I thought, potentially, why not just move to Cornwall if I get offered a role there? It’s not how I’d planned things originally. When I was much younger I’d wanted to live in London, which was part of the reason I’d moved to Brighton some years ago. It just seemed like a good thing to do, certainly more interesting a place than where I’d come from, so to end up in Cornwall does feel a touch depressing. On the other hand I have visions of having animals, and a large house and maybe even throwing a party. I don’t know who the fuck I’d invite. Probably you. Anyway, she’ll be back in touch on Wednesday to let me know what they say about remote working and tell me more about the role.

In other news I’ve been playing. I don’t have enough for my portfolio so I’ve been working on an imaginary company’s site. They’re called Passages specialising in the written word for websites. Copywriting. Proof-reading. Editing. Not just websites. The horrible thing about websites is that it’s all about branding and I hate that world. Anyway, here’s a link http://ashios.com/passages/. There have been other changes to the site since the time of posting that link, but you get the gist.

Something else I’ve been playing with is a rebrand of Uncouth. Of course you can’t really call it a rebrand. Proper branding, perhaps is a better term. Here’s another link http://ashios.com/uncouthtry/. Yes it is really that grey. I just like the white on the grey and code looks wonderful on it. Have a boring coloured background and the rest stands out. Maybe there’s truth in that. Anyway, check out the hamburger menu!! I was proud of that.

So what’s the plan? I think despite it being half past twelve I will do some research tonight on how to do the “has the user bought my app?” thing. If that’s possible it’ll be easy to show or not show ads. I’ll try and do the loading screen based on the website’s font and everything. I also need an icon. I can’t afford such things as creative cloud, and my work coach was going to get it for me but it turns out he can only buy things from Argos, so I might try to recreate their logo using Inkscape. If I can do that, plus a bit of animation on the screen whilst the radio is playing, test it to make sure it runs on a bluetooth device, then Bob’s your uncle. First app to release.

There’s also a slow down the music app on Android which I’ve been asked to do. I went crazy initially and went learning fast. That was going well, but then I just got tired. I know I’ve taken on too much in the learning department, but you try panicking about losing your home whilst trying to make money like this. I’m scared of part-time jobs too because they normally involve people. I mean lots of them. Like retail. I did apply for a remote role with some Americans, though, as they wanted a tester. I am a pedantic fucker, if your curly braces are in the wrong place, or your full stops are inconsistent in your UI I will hunt you down. Which pays off in a testing role.

Anyway, enough of the bollocks. I shall try and get something positive done with the radio app. It’s a bit lame though. Energy-wise. I couldn’t sleep all night, so I slept for a good portion of the day leaving me now in a state of wanting to do things but not being very functional! Maybe I’ll email my work coach. I have told him I don’t want to see him any more because he’s started advising me on things, such as jobs, and that’s not why I went to see him initially. I wanted someone to help me run a business, not mark my CV with a red pen or tell me that my clothes aren’t right for an interview. I can make those judgements. I’m old.

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