Marketing and Cleaning the House

  • Get the text showing technologies onto the above business card. DONE.
  • Figure out how I’m going to get them printed.
  • Design a flyer — I have Gimp for this. I hope it’ll allow me to set a page size.
  • Ensure is being redirected to my main email so I don’t miss anything.
  • Get the contact form on the website working. DONE
  • Update my work coach on the current situation. DONE
  • Attempt to create a business page on LinkedIn. It was failing last night but I think it’s because I deleted my LinkedIn page and then recreated it and I need to have been a member for a little bit and have a few contacts.
  • Attempt to create a business page on Facebook. I don’t use Facebook but I’m told it’s good for business. I don’t have to show my face, right? Hopefully I can create a business page without showing me or my name.
  • Look online for some more jobs to apply for so I stop freaking out about money. When all you have in the world is debt it’s a little hard not to. It is genuinely upsetting when that debt is with a family member who has more faith in me to do this than I have in myself.
  • The blog is going to be documentation on how to use different technologies. A little more accurate than a blog and more like documentation and handy tutorials. This will involve the creation of different JavaScript controls. Namely a splitter bar a mark-down editor, admin mode, etc., etc. Maybe the controls can go on the website. The blog should contain case studies.
  • I have a radio station app. This app does nothing more than play the radio and is to run on both iPads and iPhones but it needs a play/pause button. Actually I’ve always visualised that as two buttons, but it needn’t be. It also needs a loading screen which means I need my Ashios logo sorted. I will send inspiration to my designer friend to see what he thinks. At the moment all I want is a purple swirl that looks like paint with the text Ashios underneath it. Maybe I’ll find a tutorial in Gimp. So play/pause button and logo for ashios.
  • Get up to module 10 with my React learning. I want to use React to build my blog. Actually I also want to build a Web API for the blog as well. A secure-with-OAuth2 blog.
  • Get the icons relevant on my Uncouth site. I’ve just put loads of stuff on there and I may have gone overboard. DONE
  • Remove the mention of eCommerce on my website. I hate WordPress and I hate eCommerce. DONE
  • Get social media icons into the footer of the website.
  • Get an effect and maybe some text to appear on the hover of portfolio items to indicate that clicking on the item will take you to a case study for that item. It’s not very obvious at the moment.
  • Get a link from the case studies to live sites.
  • Get a link from the case studies to their GitHub home.
  • Ensure examples of work are up-to-scratch. They need to look good and they need to be responsive. I wouldn’t worry too much but I’ve rebranded them and this is a possible cause for breakages.
  • If I get the logo for Ashios sorted, then make a business card design for Ashios as well. INVALID.
  • Get happy with the Ashios website or make a new one. Do something about the website. INVALID.

Progress itself…

Having settled on the above business card design I’ve added the technologies so that’s one thing I can mark off the list. I like it. If anybody reading this has any suggestions on how to tweak it, perhaps it needs more colour, then let me know on the email address on the card. I expect only one person is potentially reading this, but it doesn’t hurt to ask:



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A coder, a rambler...and now wondering if maybe design and actual art, very different, should form my future...