Okay. I’ve moved. Well I’ve got here and I’m surrounded by boxes, slowly putting the effort in to hang curtains. I feel somewhat exposed in this place without them. I am shattered. A very long day as I’ve been into Bath and returned as well in order to clean.

On the way back I discover that Bournemouth at night on a Friday night isn’t the peaceful place it is during the day! No. It’s full of man and lady tarts and chavs who think it’s clever to go out and get drunk and behave like lunatics. Now I’ve nothing against getting drunk, I’m somewhat an expert, but getting loud in streets and dressing up like everyone they know with North Face and striped trousers offends my delicate soul. It offends me because it is yet another display of how people follow. Why can’t people follow with the beauty of birds in their amazing collective shapes. What we have, my feathered friends, are twats in town, and they don’t really have the brain cells to lose. Arguably neither do I as I’ve lost more than my fair share but I was never going to go around calling people mate and shouting at the top of my lungs what a wanker so and so is at ten in the evening. I felt somewhat intimidated surrounded by these people, and yes. Yes I am generalising. I am making sweeping statements and judgements about these people who I do not know, but that is a survival mechanism. Gelled up twat faces. And I’m sorry. I can spot a stupid person from a mile off. It has a label. Probably from some sort of sports shop.

It wasn’t a bad day though. I didn’t see the beach, and there was a lot of travel, but my curtains arrived for one room and so did my fridge stand. All part of being healthy is having a ginormous fridge for a single male. I’ll be able to see and label all of the fruit I won’t eat. When I got this new job my family got me a 100 pound Amazon voucher and I received yet another one today! Some serious thought to put into how to use that wisely. Could I combine them? My initial reaction is to not spend them on pixels. I would spend them on art but I think Etsy has me covered there. A chin-up bar has been on the list for a while. Those are very good for your arms and your back apparently and I fancy it. Maybe I’ll look for a book on acrobatics. After all this junk food it won’t be too hard to lose weight. I also very much want an Oculus Quest but those are double the amount. So much to think about.

When I was 21 my mother bought me a stuffed panther. I named him Panther. I also received a plasma thing where all the electricity moves around inside. I got drunk and fell into it, waking up in a stupor and on thin glass. I’ve felt terrible ever since. Panther got burned but I still have him. I also have a small bear intended to be used to clean LCD screens but does he? No. And his name is Sebastian and if you are a man in his mid-thirties who still has bears, don’t judge yourself. You’re not judging me. You’re thinking about how adorable it is. And if you’re not. It is.

I’ve been trying to hang curtains which isn’t much fun on a rotating guitar stool. I want to finish though so I can go in that room and hide from the world a bit more. Sleep in darkness. I can’t get away with smoking in the flat but I can get away with smoking on the balcony. The issue, though, is that if I get drunk here I’m going to wake up the neighbours with my singing. So I shall try not to get drunk here. I have plans for a new life but it’s hard! I’ll say it like some sort of commoner “It’s haaaard maaaan!” Mainly because work places or people you meet at work tend to invite people for drinks and what am I supposed to do, not socialise? So they offer me a drink and I panic. If I have one, I’ll have ten. I know I will, but I can’t not socialise and how can you not drink at a rock bar? They’d think me soft. Which I am. A struggle I’ve had for decades. Maybe I should just get some Valium off the docy wocs. I’m told it works as a substitute. I have my doubts.

I want to talk about cards. I tried briefly to predict cards. I bang on about getting three right in a row, but only because it shocked me and I want to know how that can happen. I did it again years later but with two. Worth trying again.

Part of me wants to join all the madness out there. Not too much madness, but enough booze to talk to strangers with, them being intoxicated enough not to mind. I expect a good few of them are on holiday, however. As it is, I am sober and intend to remain that way. Until invited to a rock bar. The biggest issue with that is that I can’t operate my brain as a coder for some time after, nor can I read a book. I start my new job on Monday so frankly I think I’d be plain stupid to do it now. I do have a bottle of wine and some beers, though, but maybe I’ll have a visitor or two and need to ply them with drinks. Not that I’m fond of giving it away.

I am away.

A coder, a rambler...and now wondering if maybe design and actual art, very different, should form my future...